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Mental Wellness is for Everyone

Amare is a global community of disruptors in the making. This starts with the best quality products that target a universal need in society — mental wellness. Learn more about the products we offer and the science behind them. 

Supercharging your Microbiome

Our clinically-validated, award-winning products target the gut-brain axis (GBX) with sustainably sourced ingredients that help to reverse the damage caused by unhealthy lifestyles, toxic foods, and outdated perceptions of mental and physical health. We support farmers who are doing it right — no pesticides, no deforestation, just potent ingredients that help to reveal our true potential.


Mental Wellness is for Everyone

Amare’s scientific approach is designed to meet you where you are at today and then, from there, optimize your potential. Whether you are an elite Olympic athlete looking for the mental edge on your competition, a busy super-mom juggling dozens of responsibilities, or you’re currently feeling a bit “off” or “stressed out” like so many others, Amare’s science is designed to empower you to be your best you!

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