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Commissions FAQ

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid out weekly or monthly.

  • Weekly: A weekly commission period runs from Monday morning at 12:00:00 AM through the following Sunday night at 11:59:59 PM (Pacific Standard Time).

  • Monthly: A monthly commission period follows the calendar month (Pacific Standard Time). Monthly commissions are paid out on the 15th of each month.

What are volumes?

A point value associated with each products purchase price.

  • Personal volume (PV): Your own purchases and those of any directly enrolled customers.

  • Personal Team Volume (PTV): Your own purchases and those of any Brand Partner or Customer on your first level or personally enrolled.

  • Organizational Volume (OV): Your own purchases and those of any member with in your organization (first level and downward).

Where can I find my commissions information?

Log into your Backoffice on Under My Business, you can access your commission report by clicking Commission Details. Disclaimer: Commission preview enables you to see potential earnings for each period. However, the preview is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee the final accepted payout. Many factors such as Returns/Refunds will affect earnings and qualifications throughout each period.

What is the difference between Paid Rank, Recognition Rank, and Career Rank?

  • Paid Rank:

    • Paid Rank is the rank at which a Brand Partner is paid within a monthly commission period.

    • A Brand Partner’s paid rank is determined monthly.

    • A Brand Partner’s paid rank may fluctuate month-to-month if they do not meet the maintenance requirements for their Achieved Rank, but they do meet the maintenance requirements for a lower rank.

    • The current month’s paid rank is based on the Brand Partner’s performance in the current month.

  • Recognition Rank:

    • Recognition Rank is the highest rank a Brand Partner has achieved within the last rolling 12 months.

    • This rank is used to recognize the Brand Partner for their achievements and special perks.

    • This rank may decline should a Brand Partner be unable to maintain the Recognition Rank during a 12 month rolling period.

  • Career Rank:

    • Career Rank is the highest rank a Brand Partner has achieved ever.

    • This rank will only increase a Brand Partner reaches new higher ranks throughout their career.

If I upgrade to a Brand Partner, do I get a new Heart Start period?

Yes, you get a new 60-day Heart Start period from the day you upgrade to a Wellness Partner.

Which bonuses are paid on weekly/monthly schedules?

  • Commissions paid weekly:

    • Heart Start Bonus

  • Commissions paid monthly:

    • Personal Customer Volume Bonus

    • Me and Three Bonus

    • Me and Three Team Bonus

    • Unilevel Bonus

    • Mentor Bonus Pool

    • Leader Bonus Pool

    • Global Ambassador Bonus Pool

How do I become eligible to earn commissions?

You become eligible for commissions by being a Brand Partner who obtains a total of 100 PV before the end of the month.

Do I need to buy products monthly to be considered active?

No, directly enrolled customers’ orders may count towards your PV requirements to be considered active.

What is the incentive of sponsoring a Brand Partner if it does not help you increase in rank?

By enrolling Wellness Partners, you have the opportunity to grow your business exponentially through training and developing them on your team. The PV from the order will be applied to the Sponsor’s OV, which provides more of an incentive regarding the Unilevel Bonus.

I just placed someone in my organization incorrectly and would like to change their placement. How long do placement change requests take?

  • Requests within policy will be processed within 14 days.

  • Requests outside of policy may take up to 30 days to be reviewed and are not guaranteed to be granted.

  • These requests may be submitted via email to

Why does Amare require tax information, such as a social security number or tax ID, for me to sign up as a Brand Partner?

For Brand Partners to earn commissions, we must report earnings and make proper income documentation available.

If a Brand Partner gives up sponsorship of a Brand Partner, will they still count towards their Me and Three Bonus?

If a Brand Partner keeps Enrollment of a Brand Partner on their first level, they will be able to qualify for the Me and Three Bonus.

What is the difference between enrollership and sponsorship? How does it affect the compensation plan?

  • New enrollees’ Enrollment and Sponsorship are initially held by the referring Brand Partner. These may later be moved due to strategy, organizational structure, and commissions.

  • Most incentives, rank, and bonuses are attributed to possessing Enrollment. However, Sponsorship may be given in the first 14 days of a new Brand Partner enrollment. The benefits of Sponsorship include OV and the Unilevel bonus. Enrollment may also be given at a later time to match the Sponsorship placement. Customers may not be moved, as Enrollment and Sponsorship will remain the same.


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