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Happy Hormones Pack

Optimize your hormones in the most holistic way with this pack that combines ingredients that will make you feel good and in the mood. Relaxed and Energized with motivation and Drive!

Enhanced mood, sexual arousal, blood flow, motivation & drive.


The first pack with a combination of Ingredients that support your hormones in the most holistic and comprehensive way! Metabolic hormones, sex hormones and stress hormones ALL affect each other physiologically in our body. If our stress hormones are out of balance, our sex hormones will be out of balance. If our metabolic hormones are out of balance, our body will be out of balance.

List of Products In this Pack:

1x Mood+

1x GBXFit

1x Ignite


Immediate benefits. A few days for good benefits. 30 days for great benefits, 60-90 days (ongoing) for sustainable, long term mental and hormonal wellness benefits.


Ignite & Mood: Take 2 capsules per day of with 8 oz. of water or drink of choice.

GBX Fit: 1 Capsule AM & PM


This is for anyone who wants to target an optimization of their mental wellness by supporting healthy hormone balance in and out of the bedroom!

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