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30 Day Share Your Journey Post/Story Prompts

Step 1: Pick your journey!





Other - make sure it is RELEVANT to your offer (Amare) and something your audience cares about

Step 2: Plan your posts!

Post 1 - Declare your goal!

Example -

Today is a GREAT day for a FRESH start!

I am getting serious about leveling up my metabolism over the next couple of months.

Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my body…but I’m ready to express that in some new ways.

For one, I am ready to build more muscle and say goodbye to the last little bit of belly fat.

I’m not interested in restriction, dieting, over exercising, or anything else unsustainable, though.

That’s exactly why I’m focusing on just a few PROVEN ways to increase my metabolism.

I plan on sharing my journey with you because I know it will help keep me accountable AND I know I’m not alone in wanting to feel stronger, leaner, and more confident.

So…be honest…are you going to cheer me or cringe every time I post?

Post 2 - Your journey in action (authority…you are an action taker!)

Example -

Getting in a good walk and soaking up the sun!

Firing up your metabolism doesn’t have to be all about killing yourself with intense workouts.

Getting outside (especially in the SUNSHINE) and just moving your body can make a BIG difference over time.

Loving these daily walks…I already notice a difference in my energy levels.

Post 3 - Engagement Post

Example -

What is your favorite healthy-ish snack?

Post 4 - A story about why your journey matters (like-minded)

“Not now, I have a headache”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this to my kids after a long, hard day.

They wanted to play, needed help with homework, or just wanted to talk my ear off.

And I didn’t have the energy.

This metabolism journey is about so much more than the last 10 pounds.

It’s about have the energy to be who I know I can and should be for my family.

It’s about being in the picture because I feel confident and at peace.

It’s about living life to the fullest instead of just getting by.

I’m excited about the results I’m already seeing and can’t wait to keep going.

These kids deserve it and so do I.

Post 5 - Share someone else’s results that relate to your journey (direct)

Example -

Wow! I have to share the results my friend Rebecca is seeing with her metabolism already.

We’ve both been following the same approach and using our mood+motivation+metabolism drink to get the EDGE in our journeys.

Here’s what she has seen so far…

“I’m down 7 lbs and have more energy than I’ve had in years! I’m actually motivated to get in my workouts and I can’t hardly wipe the smile off my face. Loving this new Edge drink!”

If you are serious about making progress in your metabolism, you need to check this out.

Ive got a few more $10 off coupons to share.

Leave an EDGE below and I’ll send you allllll the info!

Post 6 - Celebration


I LOVE checking things off my to-do list!

Celebrating 5 days in a row of getting the FULL Edge Experience.

1 - Drink Edge

2 - One Feel Good Activity

3 - Crush a task on my to-do list

4 - Get moving for 20 mins

This list is simple…but its been SO effective!

What are YOU celebrating today?

Post 7 - Engagement question


Do you drink protein shakes regularly?

Post 8 - Share a resource (authority)


My go to gut healing, tension reducing smoothie recipe!

*share a specific recipe and WHY you love it*

Post 9 - Just for fun (like minded)


Having fun at the park with the girls!

Do your kids BEG to go to the park as much as mine do?

Post 10 - Something you are learning (authority)


“Quote from a book you are reading”

This REALLY hit home today.

I never learned about this growing up.

No wonder I’ve struggled with body image and keeping healthy habits for so long.

Is this something you learned growing up or no?

Post 11 - Results (direct)


I am so dang PROUD of how well this journey is going so far.

I’ve ALREADY lost 3 lbs and I’m only 10 days in.

The bloat is gone…my energy levels are way up…and I just FEEL better than ive felt in years.

I do not want to keep these results to myself, though.

If you are ready to make a change…but want to simple and sustainable…ive got your back.

Comment below of send me a message and I’ll send you info!

Post 12 - Engagement


Beach vacay or mountain retreat?

Post 13 - Lifestyle (like-minded)


All of this gorgeous weather has had us doing some major yard work!

Check out my garden bed progress.

Do you love to plant flowers and garden?

Post 14 - A helpful tip (authority)


One thing I have really found helpful is planning my meals ahead of time.

This was something I struggled with for years, but have found a system that is working.

It makes all the difference in the world to just have a PLAN of what I’m going to eat and feed my family every day.

Should I share my meal planning system Ive been using?

Post 15 - Just for fun (like minded)


Omg! I saw this and couldn’t help but laugh.

So relatable or no?

Post 16 - Engagement


Do you prefer to workout indoors, outdoors, or not at all?

Post 17 - A book you are reading (authority )


This book is blowing my mind when it comes to learning about how my metabolism ACTUALLY works.

I can’t stress enough the power of a growth mindset and being willing to LEARN.

My favorite thing I read this week was …

What was the last book you read?

Post 18 - Direct invite to join you

Want the EXACT plan Im following to boost my metabolism, mood, and motivation?

Post 19 - Someone who inspires you (like-minded)


Share a story about someone who inspires you and why

Post 20 - Helpful tip (authority)


I’m kind of amazed…but this REALLY works!

So you know I’ve really been working on my metabolism this past month.

One of the things I’ve found is that if I set a reminder in my phone a few times a day to get up and move my body, I actually do it!

Every time it gives me an instant energy and mood boost.

So simple. But its working!

Give it a try!

Post 21 - Just for fun


Omg this was too cute not to share! Look at these sweet faces.

Anyone else feel time is passing faster and faster these days?

Post 22 - Resource you are using (authority)


So Ive been documenting my Edge Experience and ive got to say, this checklist has REALLY made all the difference.

Want to see some of the results people are seeing using this simple product and following this checklist?

Post 23 - Engagement

Which do you think matters more…nutrition or exercise?

Post 24 - Your results with a call to action (direct)


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