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LEAD Posting System

Use the LEAD posting framework to turn your social media posts into sales.

Objective: End CONFUSION of what to post and when. Get out of the “friend zone”. Stop getting “ghosted” and FINALLY have interested prospects coming to YOU for more info.

L-ike Minded Posts

to create connection, establish trust, and share your story.

Some great examples of LIKE-MINDED type posts are:

  • A day in the life of YOU

  • Behind the scenes

  • A funny thing that happened in your day

  • Your WHY for being in business

  • A fear you learned to overcome

  • A goal you accomplished

  • What being a spouse/parent/friend means to you

  • Best Advice You’ve Ever Received

  • Hardest Thing You’ve Been Through & Silver Lining You Found

  • Favorite Pet & Why

  • Last Place You Traveled & Something You Learned Through the Experience

  • Meaning Behind Child or Pet’s Name

  • Thing You Love Most About Where You Live

  • How Do You Recharge Your Battery

  • One Woman Who Has Impacted Your Life & Why

  • What Is Your Love Language + Story (Ask them theirs)

  • Most Memorable Experience From College

The idea is to CONNECT with your ideal prospect (think about your “I HELP” statement and the ONE person you are wanting to work with) and build a relationship through your content. You want the “head nod” effect as they watch your IG story, read your post, or watch your FB live.

About 20% of your content should be LIKE-MINDED posts to help build trust, but keep you OUT of the “friend zone”.

PRO-TIP: Always, always, always write & record your content as though you are having a CONVERSATION with one person.

Ask for engagement at the end of EVERY written post and then be sure to RESPOND to the comments. Ask for engagement in your FB Live videos. Utilize the poll feature in IG for FB stories (just don’t over do it). If you do not ASK, you are far less likely to receive engagement.

Example Caption:

Starting something new is SCARY.

When I stepped out of my comfort zone to start (XYZ BUSINESS), I was terrified.

"What will people think of me?"

"What if I fail?"

"Who am I to think I could do this?"

I can't tell you how many times these thoughts crossed my mind in the beginning. I knew nothing worth having was going to be easy, though. Instead of caving into the fear, I chose to take action.

I armed myself with an incredible mentor who could guide me.

I made sure to feed my mind with positivity every. single. day.

I set small, achievable goals for myself so I could get a taste of WINNING right off the bat.

I still don't have EVERYTHING figured out, but I'm one step closer every day.

And you know what? I've figured out that, yes, it's scary. But what's scarier is going through life without ever taking a risk on what we TRULY want. So don't let FEAR be the thing that STOPS you, because it will be there no matter what.

What is ONE thing you were really afraid to do at first that ended up being awesome?

E-ngagement Posts

to get your audience interacting with you.

This type of post is ESSENTIAL for building strong engagement on your account. ASKING your audience questions and then diving into discussion either in the COMMENTS or in the DMs (if you use IG or FB stories) is how you take these posts to another level. The more in depth responses you get (and give) the more favorable your account becomes in the algorithm.

Some great examples of ENGAGEMENT type posts are:

  • Favorite Book

  • Current TV Show

  • Food You Won’t Eat

  • Ocean or Beach

  • Cardio or Weights

  • Longest Best Friend (ask them to tag)

  • Last Thing They Purchased Online

  • Favorite Worship Song or Bible Verse

  • Go-To Grocery Store

  • Favorite Charity That They Support

About 20% of your content should be ENGAGEMENT posts to help get conversations flowing, but keep you from becoming white noise.

PRO-TIP: Ask questions specific to your ideal prospect.

If you are a weight-loss coach working with new moms to lose the last 15 lbs, ask questions specific to THEIR life. It shouldn’t necessarily be a direct question that leads to your offer, but something that they will resonate with. (I’m curious...did you BREASTFEED? If YES, how long? Mine is in the comments)

Example Post:

Night owl or morning person? Mine is in the comments!

(If on FB, pic a background for the text and post.)

(If on IG, use the POLL option in stories)

A-uthority Posts

to establish credibility and trust.

This is where you show them WHAT TO DO to achieve their desired results. You want to establish yourself as someone who has the ANSWERS to their problems.

Some examples of Authority type posts are:

  • Client testimonials

  • 3 tips for achieving XYZ result without ABC objection

  • How-to content

  • Step 1 of your process that needs to be mastered before step 2-3-4

  • Common objections you hear

  • How CLIENT achieved XYZ result

  • A trend in (YOUR NICHE) you should ignore

  • This is my guarantee when you choose to work with me

  • # of secrets to success in (YOUR NICHE)

  • My 3 Year Vision

  • You should never do XYZ. Here’s why.

  • The best part about teaching inside (YOUR OFFER) is…

  • Share a term or word in your industry/niche that needs explaining.

  • My 1 Simple Rule for (RESULT YOUR OFFER DELIVERS)

About 45% of your content should be AUTHORITY posts to establish influence and credibility.

PRO-TIP: Develop a signature process (you likely are already doing this, just give it a name) that you refer back to.

Example: I created the LEAD posting framework. My authority posts can talk about XYZ desired result that using the LEAD framework will deliver. This elevates your services and positions you as an authority on YOUR process.

Example Caption:

"Ever wonder EXACTLY (how to eat, what exercise is best, what supplements to take, how to start a business...whatever relates to your OFFER)? Ya, me too.

That's exactly why I've spent the past (months/years) studying this and taking I can SHARE MY ANSWERS with YOU!

So here's the deal.

When it comes to (Thing you are teaching on) These THREE things matter most:

  1. (most important thing to consider)

  2. (2nd most important thing to consider)

  3. (3rd most important thing to consider)

Is this type of info valuable?

D-irect Posts

to your email list through opt-in OR to a messenger convo.

This is where you share your "Call to Action". Simply invite them to the next step of the process. You want to constantly guide them down the path to the next step to continue the conversation. This works best as a personal invite.

Some examples of Direct type posts are:

  • Get my free (OPT-IN)

  • Teaching XYZ inside the private (YOUR FB GROUP NAME) community, want in?

  • Have you used my free (XYZ OFFER) yet?

  • Highlight from someone in your community...want to see exactly how he/she got these results?

  • If you’re sick of struggling with XYZ, you NEED to see what we’ve been teaching in (YOUR FB GROUP NAME).

About 15% of your content should be DIRECT posts to keep a consistent flow of prospects moving through your offer, but keep from being “ghosted” from being too “salesy”.

PRO-TIP: Don’t JUST direct people to your offer from your social media posts. You can be inviting people to your group, on to your email list, or on to a 1:1 call every day through genuine messenger conversations.

Example Caption:

"Have you grabbed my FREE (top resource that relates to your product or business)? I designed this to help YOU know exactly how to (what does it cover).

Comment ME to get yours NOW...for FREE!

EXAMPLE 30 Day Calendar


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